As one of the leading contracting companies in Turkey; Makyol provides services in the following fields:
  • Heavy construction-infrastructure (highways, subways, airports, dams, tunnels, bridges etc.):
  • Energy projects
  • Tourism projects
  • Commercial real estates
  • Development of houses/residences


Makyol blends half a century of knowledge and work experience with its strong technical competencies; creates long-term relationships and added value by producing creative solutions.

Its service philosophy, focused on customer satisfaction, differentiates Makyol from its competitors. Makyol is a first-class contracting company that is the first choice in the international arena as well as in the national market.

Makyol successfully carries out joint venture projects it has established with leading Turkish and foreign companies in the sector, both at home and abroad.

Its managerial approaches, philosophy of quality, strong values, sense of social responsibility, commitment to ethical values, the importance it attaches to the environment, occupational health and safety, and the exemplary behavior it displays in these matters draw the map of sustainable growth for Makyol.

Makyol will continue to build what is right and beautiful for humanity.